Showtime Let’s Play! 3/2/14

Hey everybody!

Today I posted part 1 of showtime. Yes, this is the new LP I’ve been talking about. You guys voted for showtime, and I’m super excited to start this let’s play! In this part, we meat Mae Wiley, Mila Wiley, and Hudson McFain. I tried to make them all look a little bit unique, because you guys suggested that. Some of you aren’t exactly loving the backstory, but I felt like they didn’t need a complex backstory for an expansion pack like showtime. Ambitions had a more interesting backstory, because ambitions comes with less to offer. With showtime, I want to focus on the careers more than anything else. Anyway, I hope you really like this let’s play! If you haven’t seen this part, you can watch it here:

In other news, I prefilmed four videos today! I’m really trying to post more videos. I’ll definitely be posting quite a bit this week.

QOTD: What is your favorite TV show?

Since I’m about to watch The Amazing Race, what is your favorite TV show? I don’t really have just one, but I would have to say Toddlers and Tiaras might be my favorite. Hehehehehehehehe. 

Talk to you later!


Pizza & LP Previews! 3/1/14

Hey everyone! Happy March!

Today I posted part 20 of ambitions. In this part, the plantsim baby is born! We name her Orchid, and she is ADORABLE. Daisy gets to start to learn the inventing skill. I’m super excited to see where this will take her. Lia calls Livia to ask if she can bring Sofia over to play with Luke. Luke and Sofia get to know each other a bit more. A lot of you want Sofia + Luke to be together, and a lot of you want Orchid + Luke to be together when they’re older. I like both of these ideas, and I think I’ll have a poll on this once Luke ages up to a teen. The maid sends Liam a love letter! I know this is a big chance to stir up some drama, but Liam just seems to be so dedicated to Livia. They’re always flirting. Thoughts? If you haven’t seen the part, you can watch it here:

Okay, I’ve gotten a lot of questions asking about All in One and Pets, so allow me to explain. As for pets, I didn’t feel attached to those sims, nor did I like playing with the pets. All in One/Generations I was just sick of. I know a lot of you like both of these LP’s, but I had to force myself to film it. I truly enjoy playing ambitions, and I’m glad you guys like it too.

More news regarding my new LP! I started creating the sims! I took your guys suggestions into consideration. I’m working on making a backstory also. Here’s a preview of one of the sims:


Now onto a current household update! I played a little bit yesterday. I bought the teleportation lifetime reward thing with Evelina’s lifetime reward points, so Palmira doesn’t have to swim everywhere. I sent Evelina and Sky down to a bar. Palmira had a couple drinks and danced on the counter, and Sky ordered some pepperoni pizza. I also gave Palmira a little makeover.


QOTD: What’s your favorite kind of pizza?

↑ In honor of Sky eating pizza, what kind do you like? I like thin crust supreme pizza. Yum!

Talk to you later!



Rain, Rain, Rain! 2/28/14

Hey everyone!

So, today I posted part 19 of Ambitions. In this part, Livia works on investigating a little bit more. I would love for her to be more devoted to her career, but having kids to take care of really takes up a lot of time. Once Logan ages up to a child, she can work on her job more often. Curt banishes some spirits and makes some simoleons from doing so. We get a maid, too. I don’t like getting maids very often, because I feel like it makes things feel less realistic, but the house was getting out of control. Luke asks the maid for a bedtime story. I think that’s pretty cute, but I think he feels neglected. Daisy sculpts a topiary panda, which is adorable :3. Lastly, Livia and Liam go on a little date. They go and see a bromance movie (Livia liked it, but Liam wasn’t a fan) and Livia whips up a cheese plate for them. I guess you could say their date was pretty “cheesy”. hehehehehehehehehe. If you haven’t seen the part, you can watch it here:

Next up, I have a hint about my new LP! See if you can guess which expansion pack it’s on. Okay, here’s the hint: This EP starts with the letter ‘S’. The new LP will be coming super soon!

So, I just HAD to talk about California’s rain today! It was crazy! It even thundered and lighteninged (probably not a word) for a while. All the trash cans were blowing down the street.

QOTD: What kind of sims do you want to see in my new LP?

↑ To clarify on the question, how many sims do you want there to be, what genders, what relationships, appearances, etc. I want to know your thoughts!

Talk to you later!


Rambling About Ambitions! 2/27/14

Hey everyone! Let’s get right into it.

Today I posted part 18 of Let’s Play the Sims 3 Ambitions. In this part Aspen, Livia, Daisy, and Liam age up. They’re growing up so fast! Plus, Daisy’s plantsim baby is getting closer and closer each part to born. I’m super excited for the arrival of him/her, so I can decorate the room. I have some pretty cool ideas ;) . Honestly, I hope the baby is a girl because we already have Aspen, Logan, and Luke. Livia also gets a more mature makeover! I tried to stick with Daisy’s classic ‘au naturel’ look. Oh, and I made a new thumbnail! Anyway, you can check out the part here:

Next, I closed the poll about my new LP. That means it’ll be coming very soon! It was very close between two of the choices.

QOTD: What’s your favorite thing to get at Starbucks/whatever coffee shop you go to?

Lel random but I didn’t know what to ask. ↑

This blog post was definitely shorter, but I got to go! Talk to you later! Oh and I hit 40k but I’m planning a special blog post for that so shhh


Welcome to my Website!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my new website! I’ll be trying to post on here often (daily? every-other day?) so be sure to stay tuned. I have some pages at the top of the website for you to check out too. Anyway, one of the things I want to do on these posts is a current household update. Here we go!


I sent Palmira to Egypt. She explored 2 tombs. I forget the name of the first one, but the second one was the Sphinx. She was exploring when she came across a mummy! Palmira fought it and got cursed! I immediately headed to google to see how to cure this, and it said you had to complete the tomb. The bad thing was, she only had a day left of her vacation! In a true race against time, she completed the tomb and found the stone needed to be cured. She asked the Sphinx to be cured and it excepted! The picture is from her getting cured. I haven’t played with World Adventures in a while and I’m completely adoring this current household! If you haven’t seen the current household video I posted, check it out here:


Next, I want to talk about the poll on the side of this website. Yes, I will be starting a new LP very soon! I have a couple choices for you to pick from, so be sure to cast your vote. I had originally planned on ending Ambitions at part 25, but I might extend it to 30 parts. Thoughts? Speaking of Ambitions, I’ll have a new part up tomorrow. Sorry for the lack of videos lately. School is just ugh.

In these blog posts, I want to do a question of the day (QOTD). Today’s is….

QOTD: What do you want to see on this blog?

I think that’s it for today! Byeeeeeeeeeeee!